• New England Association of School Superintendents, Inc.

    Bylaws  -  Approved May 31, 2019

    Article I Name

    The name of this association is the New England Association of School Superintendents, Inc.

    Article II Purpose and Objectives

    The New England Association for School Superintendents, Inc. (Association) serves public school superintendents across the six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Vermont. 

    The Association recognizes the common responsibility of leadership among school administrators in the Association and the need for strengthening, exchanging, and using the knowledge, judgment and influence of all members of this Association in matters affecting the quality of education.

    The objectives of the Association shall be to provide opportunity for study of mutual educational issues; and to make its members aware of pertinent educational matters; to provide a forum for the discussion of such issues; to formulate and advance positions on such matters; to establish close and continuous communication and cooperation in matters of mutual concern; to cooperate with other educational, community and service organizations, including AASA,  in the promotion of effective public education; and to promote and maintain high professional standards and a spirit of fellowship among school administrators.

    Article III Membership

    Section 1 Membership in this Association shall be consistent with the membership eligibility guidelines set forth herein. 

    Section 2 Active Membership - Superintendent/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/ Assistant Superintendent Category: This category of membership is open to any person duly appointed by a school board and currently performing responsibilities customarily associated with the position of superintendent. This category entitles the member to receive services of the association, to participate in meetings of the association, to vote on all matters before the association and to be elected to an office of the association. Active members in the Superintendent/CEO. Assistant Superintendent category shall pay annual dues established by the Board of the Association. Determinations for eligibility under this category of membership shall be made by the Board. 

    Section 3 Associate Membership - Professional Affiliate: This category of membership is open to individuals licensed as a superintendent but who are not currently working in that capacity; retired superintendents who possessed superintendent licensure upon their retirement; other central office professionals, and professors in higher education institutions. This category entitles the member to receive services of the association, to participate in annual and special meetings of the association and to serve on committees. Members in this category can vote or be elected to office. Associate members in the professional affiliate category shall pay annual dues established by the Board of the Association. 

    Section 4 Honorary Membership - Active and Associate members in all categories, upon retirement from the profession of school administrator, may be awarded honorary membership in the Association. Honorary membership will be awarded only by unanimous consent of the Board. Honorary members may attend annual meetings of the Association. Members in this category cannot vote or be elected to office. 


    Section 1 The officers of the Association shall be a president, president-elect, immediate past president, treasurer and secretary. 

    Section 2 Any active member in the Superintendent/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/ Assistant Superintendent category of the Association in good standing shall be eligible to hold office in this Association, except that no member shall hold more than one of the above mentioned offices at the same time. 

    Section 3 The officers shall perform such duties and make such reports as normally pertain to their respective offices. In addition, they shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by resolution of the Board. 

    Section 4 The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association and with the advice and assistance of the Board, shall prepare the programs for the meetings of the Association. The president shall support the hosting state for the upcoming annual conference. 

    Section 5 The president-elect shall preside at meetings in the absence of the president, and, in the event of a vacancy in the office of the presidency for any reason whatsoever, shall succeed the president for the remainder of the unexpired term. The president-elect shall host the annual conference in their state, planning the program with the support of the Board.

    Section 6 The treasurer shall be responsible for reviewing the financial status of the association and reporting such to the Board.  

    Section 7  The secretary shall be responsible for documenting discussions and decisions of each meeting and distributing minutes to the Board.

    Section 8 The immediate past president shall be a member of the Association in any category of membership referenced in Article III of the ByLaws. 


    Section 1 Two Representatives from each of the six member states shall serve as representatives on the Association Board. Representatives are chosen by their state and may serve up to two consecutive three-year terms. In addition to the five officers the Board and the two reps from each state, the Board may appoint up to two at large/ emeritus members to serve with the same term limits. Terms will begin with the enactment of these ByLaws. 


    Section 2 The Board  shall have the power to fill vacancies in any office for which no other provisions have been made in this Constitution. 

    Section 3 The Board serves as the governing entity for the Association in carrying out the purpose of the association and is responsible for providing strategic direction in support of the organization’s purpose and objectives. 

    Section 4 The Board shall perform those functions which normally fall to a Board and shall be empowered to act and speak for the Association on policy matters in the name of the Association. 

    Section 5 The Board shall annually establish dues amounts for all membership categories.

    Section 6 The Board shall make determinations about membership eligibility and categories. Decisions of the Board shall be final.


    Section 1 The Board shall appoint an Executive Director who shall serve as the Executive Officer of the Association and may, as directed by the Board, act on behalf of the Association. The Executive Director reports to the Board through the office of the President. The Executive Director serves as an ex-officio member on any Board committee.


    Section 1 The president, president-elect, and immediate past president shall each serve a term of one year. Upon completion of their term as president-elect, the president-elect will assume the office of president for a year, commencing at the annual meeting. 

    The secretary and treasurer shall serve two-year terms. The treasurer shall be elected by the Board in odd-numbered years and the secretary shall be elected by the Board in even-numbered years.

    Section 2 The president-elect shall be elected by the Board and shall be from the state hosting the next annual conference. The Treasurer and Secretary, in their respective years, will be nominated by any member of the Board at the fall board meeting and elected with a majority vote of those present, assuming there is a quorum of the board. Contested elections shall require a written ballot count.


    Section 1 The Association shall be comprised of the six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Vermont.

    Section 2 The state associations shall support collegiality among members and advance the purposes and objectives of the Association. 

    Section 3 Each state association shall establish operational procedure to appoint or elect their state reps..


    Section 1 The Association shall maintain a standing finance committee to be appointed by the Board and led by the Treasurer.

    Section 2 Ad hoc committees may be established as needed by the Board, and members will be appointed by the Board with representation from each of the states insofar as possible. 

    Section 3 The president, at his or her discretion, may appoint members of this Association to represent the Association as needed. 

    Section 4 Vacancies in all committees shall be filled by the President.


    Section 1 The Board shall hold at least four regular meetings during the school year (approximately Sept at the conference, Dec, March and May). The President, with the advice and assistance of the Board, shall determine the time, platform, and/or place and date of such meetings. Meetings will be noticed 30 days in advance, or 5 days for special meetings. 

    Section 2 The fiscal year for the Association shall begin on July 1 and continue through June of the succeeding year. 

    Section 3 An annual meeting will be held each year in conjunction with the annual conference.

    Section 4 Special meetings of the Association may be held upon the call of the president, the Board, or upon request, by petition of 10% of the active members, with the active members duly warned in advance of the time and place.

    Section 5 A quorum of the Board will be a simple majority. Electronic or telephonic participation will count towards the quorum and such attendance will be noted in the minutes.


    Should this Association at anytime be subject to dissolution and cease to exist, any assets of the Association shall be disbursed consistent with a majority vote of the members of the Association, following a presentation of a recommendation on asset disbursement by the Board.