• The Purpose of the New England Association is to:

    1. Hold an annual educational conference with a theme significant to school administration in New England, featuring an outstanding program from each State, with the added purpose of developing good fellowship, and professional camaraderie.

    2. Establish close liaison with the American Association of School Administrators by achieving regional representation on AASA committees and by convening annually the New England Delegates to the AASA Delegate Assembly.

    3. Develop means of asserting positions on federal legislation and other regional concerns and communicate these to legislative and executive governmental leaders at the federal and regional levels.

    4. Conduct, through contracts with appropriate agencies, studies and programs for the purpose of the improvement of public education in New England.

    5. Offer assistance to New England school administrators in establishing local contacts upon request.

    6. Promote mutual efforts for advancement in the areas of educational administration such as: salary levels, portability of retirement, and related working conditions.

    7. Define prominent educational concerns of New England, and place the critical issues before AASA, regional, and national agencies.
    8. Sponsor a Reception for all superintendents and their partners attending the AASA Conference.

    "I can think of no profession that has a greater impact on future generations than ours. We need to passionately and forcefully make sure that students throughout the New England States are given every opportunity to succeed. Collectively embracing our challenging and fascinating professional lives, children will be the benefactors of our efforts. May we constantly remind ourselves of this wonderful and rewarding experience."

    Dr. Herbert Levine
    Executive Director